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Can I pk at Black Chins with these stats


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maybe if you got 50atk and strength because with the stats there, you have no real means of getting a 'KO' on someone as they would have enough food to out-eat and teleport. You're level 39 with those stats right? Black chins is level 32-33 wildy so you can't kill level 3's anyway, therefore its more than likely you'll be faced with a player who can put up a fight/have enough hitpoints to escape - training range to 40-50 couldn't hurt either and if you used cannon you wouldn't gain hp levels so you'd stay relatively low combat as range is much higher damage per second than melee/mage and will also allow for a quick gmaul switch for the kill ;) Also snare might be useful as you can't teleblock, so they only need to run 3 levels, with snare you hold them for 10 seconds - plenty of time to kill :)

hope it goes well

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I have 70 prayer and also alchs for 75 mage banked I might get that and then try.

You're going to die. Any mediocre pure will be able to one spec you with DDS. And if they don't get you with the first spec you'll die somewhere within the 3 other specs they can do. Honestly the people hunting chins will be able to destroy you. 70 Prayer means nothing you're better off at 52.
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