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And We're Back... Sorta

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As some of you know a couple of days ago I decided to permanently leave... In hind sight... That was retarded as fuck. There wasn't a good reason for me to completely shut out the community, and "leaving" may not have been the right term. Since I did announce my "leaving" though... it only makes sense to now come back with an intro. I will be honest. I'm involved at another community, but that isn't going to affect my contribution here. If you ask which "other community", I'm not going to tell you. I'm here to contribute to OSBot and it kills me to lurk the forums the past couple days, and not reply to questions I could answer just because I "left". So I'm back. I don't know for how long, or how often, but this community has given me too much for me to just selfishly shut it out. So without further ado...




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