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Should TWC be allowed to middleman?


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  1. 1. Allow them to MM?

    • I'm okay with that.
    • No, their threads should be locked/hidden until they're out of TWC.

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Everyone clearly sees that the person is in TWC ?


They always have the option to choose someone more trustful !


When i joined back last year I thought twc was a joke or something (like a pip for popular traders who had a cool rank) probably cause i saw it on lolmanden. i only found out it wasnt a joke until reading disputes / forum ranks thread.


But they shouild be allowed to middleman, its just your choice if u use em or not

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I believe they should stay, as stated above, if someone deals with a TWC it's with their own stupidity.


But that's like the same as saying; You can post links to malicious websites, if people are stupid enough to download a file called goldgenerator.exe it's their own stupidity, but theres still restrictions on links.

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