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My TreeFilter

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I wrote this after realizing that calling @getMap().canReach(...) is really expensive.

package org.bjornkrols.events;

import java.util.HashMap;
import java.util.Map;

import org.bjornkrols.script.BotreMethodProvider;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.filter.Filter;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.map.Position;
import org.osbot.rs07.api.model.RS2Object;
import org.osbot.rs07.script.Script;

 * @author 		Bjorn Krols (Botre)
 * @version		0.2
 * @since		March 26, 2015

public class TreeFilter implements Filter<RS2Object> {
	 * The script instance.
	private final Script script;
	 * The tree's name.
	private String name;
	 * The chop radius's center.
	private Position chopCenter;
	 * The chop radius.
	private int chopRadius;
	 * <Position, reachable && in range>
	private Map<Position, Boolean> validityMap;
	public TreeFilter(final Script script) {
		this.script = script;
		validityMap = new HashMap<Position, Boolean>();
	public boolean match(RS2Object o) {
		if (!BotreMethodProvider.isValid(o))  	return false;
		if (!o.hasAction("Chop down")) 		return false;
		if (!o.getName().equals(name))		return false;
		Position p = o.getPosition();
		if (validityMap.containsKey(p))		return validityMap.get(p);

		validityMap.put(p, chopCenter.distance(o) < chopRadius && script.getMap().canReach(o));

		return validityMap.get(p);

	public String getName() {
		return name;

	public void setName(String name) {
		this.name = name;

	public Position getChopCenter() {
		return chopCenter;

	public void setChopCenter(Position chopCenter) {
		this.chopCenter = chopCenter;

	public int getChopRadius() {
		return chopRadius;

	public void setChopRadius(int chopRadius) {
		this.chopRadius = chopRadius;
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