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420 blaze it fgt

No but out of all seriousness i don't think weed is bad. I mean smoking anything is bad for your lungs i'm not gonna be one of those retarded " stoners " saying yeuuuuuh man smoking weed doesn't mess up your lungs blah blah blah.

And i smoke weed from time to time i haven't smoked in a while though i've been buying graffiti supplies. :doge:

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It sounds like you were excited but your mind wandered the wrong way! I had a similar experience when I tried it for the first time. The drugs itself is harmless but your mind can do anything. Try breathing in a fast rhythmic breathing, this will get your mind off of the situation. Take a deep breathe and observe the situation! Try this <3 I bet you'd really enjoy it!

Smoked it once, lost all feelings of my body and had a panic attack. None of my friends seemed to have experienced such a thing but it happened to me. Anyone know why I felt this? Lol



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