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  1. Can I get a 24hr trial please?
  2. The more you stare at it, the more it looks photoshopped. Ripped but with the face of a prepubescent boy. #Gainz tho
  3. Well sh*t, carry on brother.
  4. To follow up on what @Gunmansaid, here is the direct link to the latest version of Java 8.
  5. Access to the Mald Fight Cave activated. Gl
  6. Welcome and to you as well!
  7. Does it have full graceful as well? I've been debating getting another IM alt. How tough is HCIM on OSRS? Is it still 1 death only before GG?
  8. Well, I think the time has come -- after 8 years -- to get rid of the pedo bear and an old outdated signature that I removed already. I'm looking for a sleek design to incorporate the King from BK, the Whopper burger and my username. Definitely has to be HQ and preferably with some visual effects (gif). Please post your idea/concept along with your estimated price. I'd love to see the creativity from the graphics designers in our community!
  9. You don't meet the post requirements. Also, unknown to me if the timeline is being extended on this 'exclusive' rank.
  10. This^. You'll need to get that TwC looked at first.
  11. I'm going to gravedig this topic, only because I'd like to not repost. Was this ever implemented again and/or have some coding in the plugin worked on to correct some of the concerns mentioned by @Night? It's atrocious to see some topics with 200 pages of "Bump".
  12. There was an OSRS update, which was affecting OSBot. It's since been updated (full release here). You noobs couldn't wait 10 hours to run those bot farms, eh?
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