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  1. I can confirm that I am the original owner of this account. Gl Kevin
  2. over my time ive made a lot of money in debt. The key to success is to lose money and not making any. Over the 6 yrs ive plate ive lost money to scam artist haxors and highway men. MY CURRENT GOALs: -Avoid bill collecters (Work in progress) -get raman -5280$ / 28cents HELP MAKE THIS DREAM COME TRUE AND GIMME TRADES!!!
  3. 1. Pictures of the account stats 2. Pictures of the login details 3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) None 4. Pictures of the quests completed None 5. The price you will be starting bids at 10M 6. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account 10m 7. The methods of payment you are accepting 07 Gold or PP 8. Your trading conditions I am not responsible for future bans nor will refund. 9. Account status 10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address Original owner/ no email ever set
  4. ACCOUNT 6 SOLD! GZ 0tality Theodore is going to buy 3 accounts tomorrow! VOID ACCOUNT STILL OPEN!
  5. i have you added but youre offline the void and the account w/ 68 have my email that will be removed upon purchase messaged you in chat room added you on skype http://imgur.com/5EL7TVW
  6. I'm taking gp or pp depending on the user ACCOUNT 2 SOLD!
  7. Welcome to my hiring thread! Looking for dedicated member to help do orders as I am working with my father for the summer T.O.S 1) You need to pay a 10m 07 deposit fee. (Refundable when you want to leave.) 2) The deposit fee will not be refunded if you are caught scamming or kicked from the service. 3) Any work done outside of AIO or in direct competition with AIO while being a member of the team will result in an automatic dissmisal without refund of your deposit 4) At all times must treat customers with dignity and respect. 5) When you complete an order, 90% of it you will keep then a 10% goes to me. 6) Before a service is started the customer will send me pictures of he or she’s bank. Any items missing is your responsibility. 7) Reasons you may be kicked from the service are: • Not completing orders you've taken. • Disrespecting customers. • A sudden inactivity without a warning given to me. 8) If accepted, you must use the signature provided. When posting an application that means you are agreeing to the ALL the T.O.S. Rules. Application Form: Position you are applying for: Approximately how many hours are you active per day?: Your Skype: Will you pay the deposit fee in full straight away (10m 07): Additional information: Positions Available: Quester Powerleveller (hand done/botted) Fire caper Voider
  8. All of the accounts have no offences, no emails and no membership. Will show proof upon purchase. Number 2 is sold
  9. yeah i noticed that gunna fix now, ty thanks scotty moved 2 http://osbot.org/forum/topic/76311-uriamu-designs-%E8%AE%BE%E8%AE%A1-logossigsprofilepictureswebsitesthreads/ sorry
  10. the honda dinosaurs are pretty cool but im more of a ford guy
  11. I respect this Scotty takes a true man to admit this!
  12. is a boss. pretty stupid that the os doesn't come w/ this...
  13. Here is the key to a neatly organized desktop or should I say desktops... With this simple program you can have 4 work spaces that you can switch between with a simple key push. I use the f keys . https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/cc817881 -------------------------------------------------------- I made this because I think it would be useful to botters especailly gold frarmers and I don't think this is to well known. Happy Botting (This program is created by Microsoft)
  14. it's for any form of gaming, you can have a 50ppl group chat w/ youtube and images that appear in chat. Also a push to talk feature http://gyazo.com/1748a87a4edb3cc51b82c6aa5a665bde only two of us atm / welcome to join if you want
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