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Hi I'm J.B


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Hi , I have just started with Runescape botting again and so far I love the community on this site its professional as well it has a great social niche, I do alot of gold farming outside of botting, as well I do account sales ect, and I would like to introduce myself to everyone who is interested!


I'm 22 years old with an avid fascination in automating your bank account ^.^, I enjoy skating, reading, cooking nom nom food, and smoking that ganja. I travel quite a bit for my actual career which is in music/entertainment my instagram is @thejohnathonbell

and twitter is @atlascursed. To anyone out there I'm willing to help with anything that I can yet don't take my kindness for weakness bc ill eat you ;)


my sythe vouch thread is  http://www.sythe.org/vouches-forum/1808646-mr-menus-vouches.html 


Hope to connect with some amazing people!

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