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Working on my car - Episode 1


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Although I'm far from a mechanic, I'm always willing to try something. With that said, I went to go tighten my AC belt to see if it would fix some squealing noise I was getting. Of course I forgot to loosen the nut holding the pulley in place and the plastic tensioner broke thereafter. The local mechanic shop offered to fix it for ~$200... yeah right!


I ordered the plastic piece which broke which came with a new pulley, $10 with shipping. After that the entire pulley came out so I could replace the parts:




Thanks to my friend rust, I broke a tool in the process. Fortunately I was able to replace everything:




Unfortunately since I broke my tool, I wasn't able to tighten it back in the car. My dumbass decides to drive with it loose and a bolt came loose vanishing onto the German highways. I was going to order the part and wait about 2-3 weeks for delivery (after searching junk yards with no luck), but I remembered a Subaru dealership near me. After heading to the dealership and buying the part for 1 euro (and giving him a 4 euro tip), I was finally able to complete the project:





Estimate by repair shop - $200


My costs:

-$10 for parts

-$5 for more parts

-$10 for new tool set

Total $25 + new tool set + additional replaced part



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