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  1. Thanks, was wondering what was going on with my client.
  2. Slayer, progressing through the game with bosses etc. That's what kept me entertained, don't look at it as a waste of time and even things like revenants can be fun. The biggest tip I can give you is, set goals.
  3. Honestly, some groups love somebody that does all the gathering stuff
  4. RatedRko


    It's maybe because of the Rev update too, I assume the demand skyrocketed while supply stayed the same (or decreased as a lot of shifted to either pking or doing revs)
  5. Hey guys, Made this account when my main was banned ( it got quashed later on), got 72 slayer so I could afk wyverns on them. (65 agility so i could do blue dragons before my 72 slay) It has around 132 QP. Would like to know what this account would roughly cost.
  6. RatedRko

    Vacation time!

    Enjoy! @Zappster is a twat though, I remember him every single time i'm in the chat!
  7. Well, i'm not the biggest dog around but here is a story of a greyname I guess. I joined this site back when OSRS launched. I remember the script that was hot back then, Xavier's Rare finder. ( Red hween masks were like 3m which was huge back then). After me and two of my real life friends accumulated a fair bit of wealth with the script, I decided to join the Chatbox. I made some amazing friends all the way from 2013 to 2018. Alek invited me into his teamspeak to hang out with his friends which gave me some of the best League of Legends memories I currently have. After being friends with most people that often visited the chat( Catastrophe, Pain and Oliver standing out) I noticed there was a huge market in Quest services, there were already services around but there was no distinct market leader. I decided to join up with Oliver and after a week Oliver trusted me enough to let me ' Co-host' the questing service, meaning I could handle big orders on my own. The two real life friends that I talked about previously saw the money I was making on Runescape ( Bare in mind we were like 14-15 so I felt like hot shit) and wanted to work for me. This made me money without even doing the quests myself( I know how you feel Dbuffed, feels good.) This held on for a long time, Oliver got mod, had way less free time which left me with running the quest service by myself ( Oliver, being the good friend he is always offered me help negotiating, getting contacts etc) My friends wanted a break from Runescape which just left me all alone unable to handle all the requests back then. And once I was getting a bit of a reputation, I decided to quit my questing service (which was probably a bad idea as I feel I could have really become one of Osbot's most trusted questing services.) To this day, I'm still receiving messages on skype about the questing service I had. I have no regrets though, I thoroughly enjoyed my time and made quite a bit of OSRS gp doing so. This was when I became on and off on Osbot, being very inactive on the forums but pretty active in the chatbox all the way from 2013-2018. Made some amazing oldfag friends (Roomscape I see you). Anyway, this was my lifestory on Osbot summarized.
  8. Wait, does this mean there is no bond giveaway?
  9. Hey everyone, This is like my 3rd i'm back post in 5 years lol. Anyways, my name is Ilias and i'm 19 years old. Yes this means OSbot has been quite a part of my life. I've been active from time to time and met some great people that brought me great fun through the years. (Yes Alek, although you might not really like me even you and I thank you for it.) I do not bot but do play runescape on two accounts. I'm glad that a lot of the 'oldfag' people are still around and I've managed to catchup with some of them. For the people that I haven't spoken to yet, come hangout in the chatbox! I'm planning on staying for a while again in this community (mainly chatbox though) so come be a part of my longlived osbot adventure.
  10. If you still need it done contact me.
  11. I don't even bot, I just chill in the chatbox ?
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