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What makes a great script?

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Mhm, interesting topic. I don't think ban rates can be measured so that's off the table. I think stability is important, but also low CPU/memory usage is paramount to a well-written script. Leaving it on for a long time and coming back to it still working can be an issue due to client related problems (which in this case will hopefully be eliminated soon laugh.png ). User friendlyness is important, but this must not impact the extent to which the performance of the script reaches. Moreover i think the importance lies with reliability, stable hooks and more subtly a nice informative and attractive paint. I do not think antiban plays a huge part in bans, but hey thats just me. In my opinion the client's integrated antiban is more than sufficient. I am curious to hear what others think on the matter too tho, keep them posts coming biggrin.png

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