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  1. Hi jack, can you add me back on skype @muffinrs, i have a question for you! Thanks!

  2. Hi Jack, I am unable to send you a message, so I hope this is okay. A couple days ago I was staking and I realized that there must be percentages and odds dependent on stats and formulas. I began studying a Runescape forum post about the combat system, and learned about how hits work. I am very interested in your script, and I requested a free trial on your forum post, but I am also more interested in learning the logic behind it. I did a little coding to make a basic c++ script that will t...

  3. Just run this script to see if the proxy is working http://osbot.org/forum/topic/54155-jacks-ip-checker-script/
  4. it will tell you your percent chance of winning before you go into the fight
  5. compiled code posted on github
  6. The wicked wizard with no dick was into large
  7. Jack

    GUI help

    While this is very common, you WILL get laughed if you do this in any sort of formal setting (School assignment, work, etc). The proper way would be to implement an Interface that serves as a callback for when the gui is done.
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