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  1. I bought a bond from cinnamon and got perma banned for RWT major and Cinnamon's acc was left without a scratch.
  2. When I used to Pk on my pure, (before BH), the food was so expensive and I would get less than 1k gp per kill.. Maybe I could renew membership on it; he has mith gloves, 92 str I think, 75 attack, 94 magic (with veng), 99 range, 43 or 44 prayer, 3 def :P (2 def from missclick, 3 def from quest -.-)
  3. Are both of your autoclickers at the same speed? My suspicion is that you have like one 20sec and one 21 sec..
  4. It works so well though, they don't seem to ban autoclickers. I autoclick almost 24/7 now, my alarm clock goes off every 6hrs when I'm asleep and I set it up again. I literally autoclick 24/7.. Dude dude I'm doing it right now Want me to explain it, Hero? Step one: Open Runescape Step two: Open Gary's Hood Step three: Open Gary's Hood again Step four: Start up autoclicker on both Gary Hood client-things Step five: Type in 20 under "Seconds" on the gary's hood autoclicker screen Step six: Type in 20 under "Seconds" on the gary's hood autoclicker screen (on the second open window thing) Step 7: Hit start on the first autoclicker window Step 8: Wait 1 or 2 seconds Step 9: Click start on the second autoclicker window Step 10: Enjoy, as you know have every 20 seconds a "Click" (1 second pause) "Click" (20 second pause) "Click" (1 second pause) "Click", repeating. Hero, I don't mean to be a dick but I literally thought this up in 10-15 seconds, and it's been working perfectly for me @ NMZ and splashalching since. Thanks for pray flick @ NMZ though. Did help. Hope this sarcastic comment helps you realize you wasted your time searching for a better macro that doesn't really do anything better, and at anyone else who thinks this doesn't work, maybe I explained it wrong, but it is doable Easily with the Gary's Hood client. I'm sorry for sharing my working method with Hero on how to use the Gary's hood autoclicker to do what he needs to do. I also apologize that I wrote it in some encrypted spanish that no one could understand. Autoclicker doesn't get me banned. I use one 24/7 at NMZ or alchsplashing. I literally have my alarm go off every 6hrs for me to relog and autoclick some more.
  5. Retard. Think about it. Please just like I'm asking you to think about it for 10-15 seconds Before posting. Tysm.
  6. I already fucking told you Hero 2 autoclickers, Virtual Machine, orion client, NO BAN. I alched me a 99 last month. Use Orion client. No ban. Also: splashalch with 2 gary hood auto clicker = even less banrate & more exp
  7. We're all post whores, I don't see why Spam Discussion doesn't give Post Count >.> you're a retard. Look at the pic mate
  8. scammer

    1. before


      I did scam :)

      Dog, can you leave me like 10 negative feedback btw? thx

    2. Dog_


      that wasnt me who posted that

  9. Yeah man, go for it. Best of luck mate!
  10. Thanks man, I've seen you do it on other sites. You're good yourself
  11. Benifits of scamquitting: 1. Get Banned.
  12. i lol'd when you said you kicked a puppi down tha stairs u r meen pls die
  13. Aren't you married with 2 kids or something??
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