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Molly Hobgoblins

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Well theres a lot paid scripts and free scripts that are same so it's customers decision if they buy it or use the free one but this is just my opinion no offense! smile.png Im glad that theres going to be free scripts too like in Osbot 1 cuz i think theres a lot customers like me that dont have afford to buy much scripts smile.png  And you scripters get new customers with free scripts so its just a good thing! Im trying to make my own script too but seems to be hard at this point biggrin.png Maybe i just give up making my own script or should i just try harder? wink.png

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Not my fault man, until today the script has not even been available except to 3 people and it is now a paid script which I am just now changing this thread to indicate lol.

Its not that, its that now they'res pictures of the spot online etc.  on a botting site which is even worse, but oh well i'll just have to stop using the spot.  I'm not mad man i knew it would happen eventually 

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