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  1. May i receive a trial for this as well please?
  2. Sorry... Got a visage today Guestion for @Christhough, would it be possible to make player detection for those that log in under you better? For some reason it doesnt detect players under you as well as it detects others. Also the eating could be a bit more responsive. Those are 2 major things that i have noticed after using this for a bit! Great work!
  3. Recently came back to the botting scene and what im wondering is, is there any scripts out there that automates muling (preferably CLI) so that i wouldnt have to manually trade stuff from bot accounts to my mule all the time and vice versa? Thanks in advance Stay safe out there fellow botters!
  4. Update: 2 hours of testing after i zoomed out on both clients and theyve been working flawlessly since! It might not be a bad idea to add so the bot automatically zooms out on start up. Thanks for all the great scripts
  5. Ahh okay, will try zooming out and see if that fixes it. Thank you!
  6. Not sure whats going on but sometimes the bot gets "stuck" , ive had it happen twice within the past hour. Once at "paying foreman" and once at this "banking" EDIT: Just had it happen again (got stuck on "banking") Using stealth injection on the latest 2.6.7 osb
  7. Trial please? Edit: Nevermind, i just bought it
  8. So im encountering a weird issue with a few accounts. Basically it seems to get stuck when it tries to withdraw from the sack for whatever reason it hovers over it but doesnt click on it. Running mirror more. Worked flawlessly for 3 hours but then had this happen on a few accounts, restarting the script didnt help it just went back to hovering over the sack without clicking it. Edit: after restarting whole OSBOT and restarting the script everything seems to work fine now. Just wanted to report this since it was weird how it just refused to click on the sack all of a sudden.
  9. Trial possible for this? Just had a trial for your motherlode miner and im impressed. Kinda want to get multiple scripts from you now
  10. Possible to get a trial? Looking to get back into botting
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