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Khal Experiments

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I've been trying this out and it doesn't the lobsters for me at 30 hp


There was recently a error with the Tuna and monkfish food, I pushed an update.

This should be resolved soon.


Also It eat at 30% Hp left no 30 Hp :)



If you select eat at 50% hp and your max health is 40.

It will eat at 20 HP :)


Thx for using the script, let me know when you encounter more problems.



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does still work and how big is the chance to get banned can i also pay with rs07 mil insted of paypal?


Yes this script is working very well, I can give you a preview on skype if you want that,


The chance of getting banned is the same as any other script, it also depends on how long you bot :)

Just bot smart and there will be no problem.


You can ask @Arctic to trade rsgp to osbot vouchers to buy the script.

So basicly yes you cna pay with rsgp, but you have to trade it with some1 for vouchers.



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