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Suggestion have a list of the most trusted members.


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It's not that easy to add customizations to any of those pages.

It will take alot of time and effort to add something like this, even though it is simple. That time can better be used for other updates.

Care to elaborate ? smile.png


Also they might as well add it while we wait for OSBot 2 lol




Didn't you hear what he said or do you have shat in your ears.

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Update: This looks important


<script type='text/javascript'>
document.observe("dom:loaded", function(){
    url = ipb.vars['base_url'] + 'app=core&module=ajax&section=findnames&do=get-member-names&secure_key=' + ipb.vars['secure_hash'] + '&name=';
    autoComplete = new ipb.Autocomplete( $('username'), { multibox: false, url: url, templates: { wrap: ipb.templates['autocomplete_wrap'], item: ipb.templates['autocomplete_item'] }} );
<div class='ipsLayout ipsLayout_withright ipsLayout_largeright clearfix'>
    <div class='ipsLayout_right'>
        <div class='ipsSideBlock clearfix'>
            <form action="{parse url="app=feedback&module=view&action=find-member" seotitle="a" template="feedbackFind" base="public"}" method="post">
                    <li class="field">
                        <input class='input_text' id='username' name="username" size="20" type="text">
                        <input class="input_submit" value="{$this->lang->words['search']}" type="submit">

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This has been implemented. You cannot order it, but each profile shows it's feedback. It's the best I could do, sorry :c




On a side note, I also coded this:



It now shows total feedback, percentage, and does not have the annoying rectangle over the avatars.


Nice, looks better than I expected it to look :p

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