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  1. Disputed member: [member+jeff} Thread Link:No link he said he was going to scam. Explanation: We were talking in chat and people were saying that it was easy too charge back with a credit card well Jeff wants to scam rswalmart and chargeback. He then finds out shes not banned i think this is when he changes his mind and decides not to scam. Even if she was banned scamming someone off of osbot is an offense. I think that @Jeff should be placed into twc for a week or so. Evidence:
  2. hey man i hope you remember me xoxo

  3. beastlymaul


    Even if you were babysitting it doesn't mean you can't get banned....
    1. Bubble


      Yea, I added your skype already :)

  4. Good luck with the goal man. Legit is always tough but once getting your goal it'll feel so much better than botting it.
  5. I would appreciate it very much, thank you.
  6. beastlymaul

    Hmu guys

    blue text fire backround firey theme
  7. beastlymaul


    this isnt funny your retarded
  8. I promise you i wont change it again my real names michael
  9. Requesting the name Mikey. @Mikey I dont even think this person is active or if theres even a forum account for him. I mean Jason one of our supermoderators took the name Jordan and Jordan was a taken name.
  10. beastlymaul

    Lost $4

    Do you have the credit though? When your purchasing the script you have to check something that says apply credit to balance.
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