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  1. Pretty sure they'd still spy on your habits/way of talking - or maybe I'm paranoid. But yeah a pc without the pmod status would be good too
  2. Hello, I'm considering quitting RS soon and I'd like to know how much this account would roughly be worth in USD. It has the player moderator status (although I assume it might be lost if the account is accessed from another IP), has recently comped with quite a lot of requirements left on the trim (some big reqs are done though, such as castle wars and the dahmaroc statue). Total XP is around 650M. Thanks in advance for the estimations, and have a good day!
  3. Most likely PC. I'm not an expert in those kind of matters, but that seems to be the issue since you are able to play single mode
  4. I wish I had brought an apple Congrats guys!
  5. Did you check if anything is blocking your outgoing connection? Like a firewall, or something else in your settings?
  6. Trade went fast & smooth : I went first (yeah I know, I even amaze myself) despite the lack of FB of the other trader, BUT he accepted to do 3 increments, every step was confirmed via Skype alongside with screenshots at all times, and the trade was successful and really fast (all in under 3 minutes). Thanks again for the trade, would gladly trade again in the future.
  7. Added youuuu EDIT: speaking to you : http://gyazo.com/0a2a003ec5913ffea483125a4bf9dac9 Transcript : [26/04/15 11:31:38] Skype OSBot: hey there, what rate can you give me for 70M ours gp [26/04/15 11:31:40] Skype OSBot: osrs [26/04/15 11:34:18] ZedRS - www.zedrs.com: well I can do that for 1:8, what say? [26/04/15 11:35:02] Skype OSBot: nah thanks I thought you’d offer a better rate seeing your forum post on osbot, oh well.. thanks anyways! [26/04/15 11:36:17] ZedRS - www.zedrs.com: well how abt 8.5 [26/04/15 11:37:12] Skype OSBot: can you round it up to 8.57 (=600M eoc for 70M os) ? [26/04/15 11:38:04] ZedRS - www.zedrs.com: well okay I guess
  8. You're still around, huh?

    1. Skype


      Just logged into rs3 (aka dailyscape now I suppose) after 700 days of inactivity haha ...

      What was your username back then? I don't recognise your current one :p

    2. Skype


      They removed all my titles on osbot though, quite a shame but well deserved I suppose - disappearing like that!

    3. RoomScape


      It's always been roomscape, I just wasn't very active on osbot when you were. I only remember your name because you were in the top 5 when the site first started, lol.

  9. Hey there guys, I'm looking to turn my 70M OSRS to 630M EOC. Contact me on skype: skype.osrs and request for a PM on here. I'm willing to use a MM, as long as he is verified on here. Cheers, Skype
  10. intrested in buying 27m 07 gp?

    1. Skype


      No, thanks though!

  11. Still waiting on the 3M you owe me bro

    1. GoldenGates


      You nevar PM'd me bro, thought you forgot about it, got 4.3m, I'll send you it, PM me ur user.

    2. Skype


      No worries, I have been away lately :)

      Pm'd ya

  12. omfg your back!!!!!!!!!!!!! where did you go????????????

    1. Skype


      I have a IRL to take care of as well :P However I'll be active during the next week!

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