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  1. Yo, can you message me on here? my thing won't work.. or add my skype @ child.azn

    1. l3reed


      yo whats up

  2. Occazn

    rip old osbot

  3. I got kicked from chat...Can you PM me your RSN? I'm at the telespot.

    1. RoomScape


      Sorry about the wait. >.<

  4. Unlimited VIP was never a thing :c. I just had it because Occazn is Occazn #neverpay4anything
  5. Hello there everybody, I have just joined OSBot recently. Just wondering.. Where are all my scripts I purchased 8 months ago? Also, where's my veteran, unlimited VIP and Ex-Mod at :C
  6. Why do you want to join? i don't Why do you think you're a great addition to the army? i won't Do you agree to abey all the words by Cata? no pls recruit me
  7. What flaming lol. I just got on a few minutes ago :c
  8. will you skype me and let me know how you sound
  9. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. occazn4global smart4return ely4rip kati4rip
  11. Occazn


    did you get the iphone yet :c
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