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Nexus AIO Farmer


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Want to buy with OSGP? Contact me on Discord!





Detailed feature list:
- Farming runs
- Almost every teleport included
- PoH teleports included

- Bagged plants in POH
- Several stop conditions
- Bank and/or note harvest at leprechaun
- Stamina potions
- Bottomless compost bucket

- Plant cures
- GE support for seeds and supplies
- Tons of teleport options
- All types of compost


 Script queueing:
- Support queueing multiple script in a row
- All Khal/Nexus scripts support flawless transitions in between scripts
- Start creating your acc in a few clicks from scratch to multiple 99's
- Flawless CLI support
- Learn more here:


How to use CLI parameters:
- Example Usage:
-script 1218:ScriptFile

SAVEFILE = Saved Filename

Save file can be created in the GUI. Navigate to the tab you want to run and press "Save As CLI file".
Please choose your filename wisely (No special characters)

- Final form (Note that with some bot manager you do not need to specify '-script 1218'):
-script 1218:ScriptFile

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I honestly think the stuff the OG scripters on osbot do is cool AF, and time consuming too. 

  • They all have their own thread theme
  • Same for script logos
  • Paint
  • Swing GUI
  • Discord support. 
  • Progressive leveling
  • Script queueing, with some effort from the user you can setup your own account builder through chaining together a bunch of khal's scritps. 



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  • Khaleesi changed the title to Nexus AIO Farmer
On 12/15/2023 at 5:22 AM, childrenfirst said:

Is this unsupported? 


45 minutes ago, Mill2y said:

how to buy? link its just taking me to a photo.


On 12/14/2023 at 7:26 AM, osrsmaxpls said:

The Buy Now button is just a link to imgur, how do I actually buy this?

Will be released in one of the upcoming days :)

Edited by Khaleesi
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