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Hello Maldesto,

Thank you for running this giveaway! If I won, I would give back to the community by continuing to teach new people what makes OSbot better than the others.  With new botters flooding in from watching YT, etc, if they are welcomed with a supportive group they will most likley become a loyal OSbot user themselves.

GL all!

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Hey 1. thank you for the giveaway ♥️. I think I should win because I tried out osbot idk a couple months ago and I chose it for my botting needs. I am almost every day on the forums and I read most of the threads. Mostly I dont post anything when I read them but if I can help somewhere I always do. Would be very nice if I could get the 1 year of VIP. If not, then congrats to the winner ♥️.


Also I want to thank the OSBOT team for the giveaways and the great job they do. (especially the devs and Maldesto)

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