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  1. I dont think anypone is going to do that for free
  2. Would it be possible to get a trial?
  3. Sorry to say that, but I think you are to late.
  4. Would it be possible to get some sort of progress report? Would be nice if we would know how far the devs (especially Patrick) have come to update to 3.0 (This post probably has some grammatical errors sorry English is not my main language)
  5. I think I know a mobile bot (Not gonna tell you the name) and idk if its good but I think the detection got better.
  6. well idk Im currently learning java to begin scripting and until I learned that im using Script factory and it works for me.
  7. Oh lol, then im pretty sure (nothing against you) that you did something wrong. Because every script I use doesnt have problems.
  8. You need to ask the dev of the script, not a osbot dev
  9. Oh ok, so if I use a 100 local walkers for the same distance as 1 web walker it would still reduce the ram usage or would it be higher?
  10. Oh ok, thank you but I guess im not going to use it if it only works for mirror
  11. Hey As you probably know, has osbot a low cpu option. But I would like to know, should I use it and what does it affect? Thank you for your answer
  12. Hey so idk if there is any difference, I believe web is server side and local: local. is there any reason someone should use the local walker?
  13. Hey 1. thank you for the giveaway . I think I should win because I tried out osbot idk a couple months ago and I chose it for my botting needs. I am almost every day on the forums and I read most of the threads. Mostly I dont post anything when I read them but if I can help somewhere I always do. Would be very nice if I could get the 1 year of VIP. If not, then congrats to the winner . Also I want to thank the OSBOT team for the giveaways and the great job they do. (especially the devs and Maldesto)
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