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  1. free stuff is always great. Plus im specting this new VIP sale for sure. going back to botting lifestyle. +1
  2. I can guarantee that i will buy this script if you add buy function! Nice idea! +1!
  3. Yeah, the script is great tbh, i had few issues with miss clicking, banking withdraws and some stuck while questing. IF you BABY SIT, you should be fine. Bought the script yesterday, botted for arround 7 hours, done alot of quests, from 43 QP to 80 aprox.... This morning i received a 2-day ban. This account in matter, has never been botted before, as i dont know how their anticheat works, i belive those miss clicks and flaws that has in the script may be the cause. Its been a while since i dont bot, but yeah i know the risks. Atleast i got plenty of quests done fo
  4. Not necessary, i bought the script...
  5. Can i have a trial please?
  6. I must tell you Czar, I HAVE LOVED, LOVED LOVED LOVED your Fishing script. Best in the market for sure, thanks for the trial pal, will be purchasing it for sure.
  7. Unauthorized claim does not cover digital or phisical items. At least Paypal protects you from normal disputes, better than nothing.
  8. This post is not a bullshit. I really received an paypal email statin it, since i have a seller status on my paypal account.
  9. hey! Have you guys seen the new paypal update? It seems they now cover digital goods on their seller and buyer protection: Just received this morning: As part of our commitment to continually improve our services and the benefits we offer to our sellers and buyers, the Protection Policy PayPal Buyer will cover intangible products from 1 July 2015, including services and digital goods, such as music, books and digital media in games, air tickets and download software, as informed by e-mail on 12 May. This is great news for you, the seller, since the inclusion of such coverage will increase th
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