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Khal AIO Thieving

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 Khal Thieving (All in One)

Main Bot Features
NPC Thieving
Master Farmer specific mode
Stall Thieving
Chest Thieving
Safe Cracking at Rogues' Den
Progressive Task Support
Food support
Dodgy necklaces
Gloves of silence

World Hopping
Smart Banking for food+equipment
Custom Shift Dropping (Better Antiban!)
Auto sets Settings (fixed screen, zoom, esc/shift key, roofs)
Unique MouseProfile for each Bot
CLI Compatible (Automated farming)
Custom Breakmanager
24/7 Bug support


Buy this Thieving Bot here!
5.99$ One Time Purchase (Lifetime access)
Want to buy with OSGP? Contact me on Discord!







How to use CLI parameters:
- Example Usage:

SAVEFILE = Saved Filename
BREAKFILE =  Breakmanager Filename

Save file can be created in the GUI. Navigate to the tab you want to run and press "Save As CLI file".
Please choose your filename wisely (No special characters)

- BREAKFILE (Optional):
Breakfile can also be create in the GUI, set the breaksettings you wish to use and press "Save new CLI BreakFile".
Please choose your filename wisely (No special characters)

- Final form:

-script 1141:TaskList1.4515breaks


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):


Q: Where can we find this script?

A: This can be found at the store here


Q: How and where do I start this script?

A: Simply start the script anywhere.






Bug report Template:

- Mirror or regular client?

- What location and what mode?

- Printscreen with the Osbot console enabled and script paint when getting stuck.

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