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  1. Botting multiple of skills rather than just a few, same goes for both skilling and goldfarming accounts.
  2. Glad it worked man, good luck on your journey with writing scripts and don't quit if it get hard. Trial and error can be pain so don't forget to take breaks so you don't burn out and end up losing motivation!
  3. How's it going? Made any progress since your last update?
  4. So from what I saw earlier is that you every time you build the .jar file, you most refresh scripts to update the script.
  5. Welcome, hope you'll enjoy your time here!
  6. Damn, can't you guys get fkd if you don't follow GDPR in any way but allow EU users?
  7. Public versions has only been color bots/algo bots but private ones are all injections. There is already a public version of injection mobile bot in beta stage right now, 0% banrate fyi. With injection all restrictions from color/algo bots are removed and if the developers know what they are doing (which these devs know) it will be undetected. Injection bots can work on emulators/physical devices and the point of emulation is to emulate a phone as much as possible, very few companies actually take their time to block emulators from using their application because it's not as easy as you think lol.
  8. If you're looking to improve it, maybe try making an AIO Woodcutting script that will upgrade axe, change tree and location when it has reached required level, then do the same for other skills and if you're confident enough try making new kind of scripts for e.g moneymaking.
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