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15 minutes ago, Cyber_Hawk said:

Hello all!

This is my first time here. 

I would like to code bots, I just started learning Java and getting comfortable with it. 
If you have any tips on learning how to code bots or to learn java, you're welcome to share it. :)
I'm using Udemy tutorials for it atm.

Have a nice day!



Have a look in these forums :)


Tutorials: https://osbot.org/forum/forum/250-tutorials/

Snippets: https://osbot.org/forum/forum/251-snippets/


You'll find most of the basic information there! Just play around with different ideas and get a feel for the logic behind the main things from the osbot API: https://osbot.org/api/

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I'll try my best. I need to figure out a lot of stuff. And I failed a lot with other programming languages like python etc. 

So I thought it may be better to do something with coding that I actually liked to do. And I like to play OSRS.
So to combine coding with fun, I'll learn it a lot faster and better, at least I hope so. 

I've been reading tutorials, and the code is a lot clearer to me when it has OSRS content in it.

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For the quickest way, it's best to read already-functioning open-source scripts, and make small adjustments for your specific needs.

That is a shortcut to learning how to script, sometimes it's more motivating/fun to just get coding instead of reading all the theory about java and knowing all the textbook stuff. In the code/tutorial/snippet section of this subforum there are tons of open-source snippets and full scripts you can take a look at.

Good luck sir!

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