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Botting on thursdays?

Vital Threat

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I don't think that would be a clear indicator of an account botting, but your guess is as good as mine.

Worst case it would probably just flag your accounts for manual review. Even then that would still require a lot of work on their end to manually review all these login attempts and if they used AI it would still need resources somewhere. I'm sure they have a lot better methods of detecting bots that they would rather use those resources on.

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I'll tell you this.. many players have been banned for no reason and jagex SUCKS at giving their accounts back. Whatever system they are using is (of course) automated as hell, if it flags you it flags you and that's that. I'm not sure if 15 logins will definitely cause a ban but if their system can pick it up.. it more than likely would cause a ban. What I'm saying is, in my experience, if you fuck up you lose your shit.. but some shit is more obvious fuckups than others. So many people logging in at once every second.. 15 logins over some time might not even show up on the radar.

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