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Osbot Script and Design Survey


Osbot Script and Design Survey  

20 members have voted

  1. 1. When you look at a GUI (the window that pops up on start where you change the scripts settings): do you care about how pretty it looks?

    • Yes, I prefer pretty looks, extra art and animations are important to me
    • No, I only care about functionality, pictures are fine aslong as they give me information
  2. 2. When you look at a scripts Paint (the graphics it draws on your screen while its running to show you runtime, status etc): do you care about how pretty it looks?

    • Yes, having a nice background picture is a huge plus for me
    • No, I prefer no extra resources to be used to add pictures to the screen
  3. 3. When you look at a scripts Icon/Logo: do you care about how pretty it looks?

    • Yes, its important to me to see that the scripter took the time to pay someone 5$ to make a nice logo
    • Kinda, as long as its not ugly I dont mind, but it shouldnt be too over the top
    • No, I dont care
  4. 4. When you look at a scripts topic: do you care about how pretty it looks?

    • Yes, I like it when the post layout is designed to look pretty
    • No, as long as it lists all information and explains the script settings I dont care
  5. 5. Some scripters have set pictures of random girls as their profile pic, does that make you more likely to buy their script?

    • Yes, I prefer buying scripts from female scripters
    • No, I dont care
    • No, I wont buy any script a women has made
    • Are you actually telling me Czar, Khaleesi and Malcolm are not the girls in their profile pics?!?

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Tbh, I feel like

these need a median as a buyer personally, yes I want the GUI pretty, but also functional, and not to large, pictures where necessary but no I don't want a picture half the size of my display of vorkath, zulrah etc.

Yes I want the paint pretty, but its also nice for it to be small, movable and transparent, as if needed you can see/type ingame.

For icon/logo  not so much, but if the pictures dead/nonexistent/or irrelevant to the script than ill pay it a lot less attention because I think whoever is handling it obviously isn't very bright.

Topic looks, I could care less as long as all the NECCESSARY info is on page 1 post 1 and easy to find easy to read, obviously punctuation/proper English helps.

You guys don't buy the girls scripts hoping for noods? SHIT

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