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Biggest Botting Loss


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interesting topic i personally dont risk bot like that but i did try doing an all botted account managed to get all the quests that STEALTH QUESTER could do was a nice decent starter account got to like 80 cmb and only 50m on it and got ban was a bit upset i didnt pull back sooner but it was fun getting away for a while 

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Wouldn't class it as a "botting" loss but an account I created in 2004 was manually perm banned for "Repeated account sharing" Sharing the account with a real life friend, we live like 10 minutes drive from each other and Mod cake sent me a message to the inbox on the account saying the account had been banned for repeated account sharing/selling. The account had decent stats, one of them being 99 agility. 

Other than that the other account I lost was also 99 agility, got caught 5 years ago botting nature runes from 44-82, recently managed to get it unbanned. Didn't have much wealth but it's another nice account I could decide to turn into a main should I ever get the urge to play legit again. I also got an email from them saying that it was the last chance for the account or it would be perm banned without the option to appeal if it's caught macroing again.

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