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  1. you cant just dive into botting lol you need to test the water every thing you bot is diffrent ban rates i beleave for example im doing blast furnace on 1 account with breaks and all but im only botting it when im near my computer im playing it safe for now and every 3 hours i transfer my profits over once im double the cash where i want to be then ill take risks and bot longer and at diffrent times to see when i get ban (not always accurate bans are random) always play it safe at first not saying youll never get ban i personally think i have a better chance of making it through the ban than to chance it and bot 10hrs straight but goodluck buddy botting is fun dont give up just yet
  2. honestly i dont think anyone would just give out what their method is because itll just get crashed best bet is trial and error instead of you spending 80m on 4 accs you can use that 80 to try diffrent things invest it in methods for example now that you have a fighting script get yourself 40ish att/str/def then get mems and try druids for herbs see how that works out youll only invest like 4m into an acc like that stats+bond+equipment you can also try the wine of zammy in f2p and in mems but again this is all just a trial and error i suck at that took me like 2 weeks before i found what im doing now everyone does say p2p is best for botting (youll still get ban just less chance) but my method is working just fine for me in f2p i just have to remake new accs daily which only takes total of 10 mins of my time to set up 4 accs..........sorrr if im jumping around a lot im bad with explaining i just dont want you to start botting in a debt also get vip mirrior mode seems to be working for me before it my accounts wouldnt get past 10hrs of botting now i get 40hrs ech account so im able to pas 20hr gameplay to transfer gold and able to make more gold before getting ban
  3. im sorry buy if youre only making 1.5m a day ech account i personally think thats bad im making 1.2-1.4m per account in f2p right now only thing that sucks is yeah my accounts get ban daily but thats after i transfer money my only overhead is 1 time fee for a $10 script and thats all no bond or no accounts to purchase i think you should just explore rs more and find somthing that will make you better money than what you having going on right now
  4. Jagex gave up on botters lmao botters will always live
  5. doesnt matter what youre doing if you bot theres always a chance to get ban
  6. so you're the one crashing the prices again -_-
  7. small sessions always the best way to go
  8. you heard right lmaoo
  9. honestly theres always a chance of ban you can get lucky and bot an account to max then theres times youll bot for 1hr and get perm ban
  10. Arii

    LF RS3 Account

    are you still looking? i have an account i havnt used in a long time just about maxed on rs3
  11. Got a trial of this ended up running non stop and stopped it at 36hrs i loved it and ended up purchasing
  12. in f2p i wanna say you actually have to do all the Req. 10 qp be on for 24hrs and have a total of 100 lvls to trade over anything
  13. interesting topic i personally dont risk bot like that but i did try doing an all botted account managed to get all the quests that STEALTH QUESTER could do was a nice decent starter account got to like 80 cmb and only 50m on it and got ban was a bit upset i didnt pull back sooner but it was fun getting away for a while
  14. theres always a chance of getting ban lol if you got caught once youll get caught again its your choice if you wanna risk getting perm
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