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  1. Been down that path before, too risky.
  2. Sorta need one account right now for a test run.
  3. WTB Zulrah Ready Account: 1) Fully Quested 2) Mage Cape 2 not required 3) No Email Associated with the Account 4) No bans, don't care if it was botted. Minimum Stats: 70 Def 80 Magic 80 Range Payment: OSRS (Trusted) or Paypal (Non-trusted) Please post pricing here or send me message. Thanks!
  4. You completely missed the premise of his post.
  5. What's going on with OSRS Gold? What is the current price rn? DMM is coming, swapping.
  6. DoesItWork

    Fruity NMZ

    [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:16:21 PM]: Accepting dream [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:16:21 PM]: Button bounds: java.awt.Rectangle[x=355,y=188,width=95,height=30] [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:16:24 PM]: [DreamExecutor] Drinking Absorption [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:16:59 PM]: Set next rock cake hp: 1 [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:16:59 PM]: Biting rock cake [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:17:39 PM]: Script FruityNMZ has paused! [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:17:42 PM]: Script FruityNMZ has resumed! [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:18:18 PM]: [DreamExecutor] Drinking Overload [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:18:21 PM]: Running to position [x=12479, y=6232, z=3] [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:18:27 PM]: Set next rock cake hp: 3 [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:18:27 PM]: Moving camera [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:18:27 PM]: Leaving screen [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:19:41 PM]: Set next rock cake hp: 1 [INFO][Bot #1][04/19 06:19:41 PM]: Biting rock cake The script takes over 2-3 minutes to get 51 HP to drink overload, during those three minutes i would lose 400+ absorption points. Overall biting rock cake takes a really long time now compared to when I used the script to get to 99 str and range. I am trying to get 99 mage.
  7. DoesItWork

    Fruity NMZ

    I have experienced similar issues with the script taking really long to get to certain Hp to drink overload wasting a lot of absorptions. Also there was an issue buying absorptions yesterday for me. It was stuck on purchasing absorption and wouldnt log out.
  8. DoesItWork

    Fruity NMZ

    If the script detect broken dh it will log out.
  9. I lost my Zulrah "bot farm" of 5 or 6 bots a while back. Each account had like 50-75 Mil and some had like 100 Mil worth of gear and supplies on them. Fun times.
  10. How do I set up reaction time? I don't see it in the UI when setting up the script.
  11. DoesItWork

    Fruity NMZ

    Can you add the option to buy full storage of absorption and overloads when the storage is completely out? I think it's strange that once the storage is out the bot would buy the set amount of potion and then enter the dream again.
  12. Highly recommend fruity nmz script.
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