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Looking for tips - Making a guide to start a new main/pk BOT only


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I am trying to make a few f2p pures and start another 1 or 2 "mains" and start them off with botting.  I have tried a few methods and so far they keep getting banned by the next day.


Latest attempts have been to...

-on a fresh proxy, using the same proxy to make the account through rs website as well.

-use AIO to complete tutorial island

-Use Perfect fighter to fight cows and loot a few hides for like 1-2k gold (2 banks runs? I did notice I would die like 5 times before I would get enough hides)

-Go to ge sell hides then buy full iron set and a little food - walk there with Explvs walker

-Go to sewers and kill rats using perfect fighter

-Kept total playtime under 4 hours.


Do any of those steps bring up red flags? Im thinking a flag is looting cowhides and selling them right away on a fresh account.


I know a lot of this I could start manually, but I want to get a few accounts going, and dont want to spend 4 hours manually starting and account then botting the remaining attack/str/range for it to get banned anyway after putting in the manual labor.


My current main was also fresh but the account age was years old due to me being a returning player but starting over because of OSRS wipe with RS3 release.  I started with botting sewer rats but also leveled skills and did some quests.  For the pures im looking to not level anything other than combat stats and avoid quests.

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Its usually better to spend 10-20% of the time switching patterns up a little.
It is worth to spend a couple hours on a account, as it is very boring to continously create new ones..

I would do this:
1. Make 2 accounts, walk them manually through tut island.
2. Give them supplies for 7 Quest Points, then do a few quests (romeo,cook, bring the wizard some beads whatever).
3. Now I botting some stats, kill some goblins, fish, cook some, get mid 20s.
4. Now I suggest getting membership in-game.
And also id suggest doing some slayer, bot the tasks.

I usually dont bot 1 skill for more than 3 hours, before moving on to another one.
-This is with breaks every hour or so.

Best of luck

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For me, I have found that accounts with some age to them do not get banned so quickly.

i.e if you create an account and perhaps go get some attacks levels sorted to say lvl 10. Then dont play for 2 weeks....

Just let the account age a tiny bit first before botting, I can then go for weeks, months without a ban.


But if I bot on day 1, in comes the ban and very quickly.

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