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  1. It sounds like its moving the gold farming phase. Both phases 5 & 9 if you do not have enough materials it will go farm gold then continue. It is set to hop worlds until it finds a world with multiple players then loot. Also did PhaseZero run successfully on it? Found a bug where even if you have gold on the account and are using the bread trick to force phasezero it will still start the gold farming portion until it farms an additional 30k. This is noted to be fixed in next update.
  2. 5/12/2021 - Ver 1.0.24 · Small update - fixed Boolean conditions with the new phase 11 so it does not wander aimlessly trying to go to quest start locations.
  3. Script Update - Should be live in a day or two. 5/9/2021 - Ver 1.0.23 · Updated forum post to reflect how to force phasezero and recommended settings. · Updated script description to reflect how to force phasezero. Also updated combat skills description to 50/50/50 instead of 60/60/60 · Created 1st time run Pop-up message reminding users to set 50ms reaction when using mirror mode and to enable breaks. · NOTE: I decided to NOT force breaks as there seems to be more people using the script responsibly verses people ignoring all recommended settings. · Fixed first
  4. Script will randomly afk for a random amount of time between 10000-18000 ms. Its part of the anti ban. The more inefficient your character plays the less bans - at least from my experience. Also I would set reaction to 50ms or some phases / quests may not work properly.
  5. You will need to find the methods that are calling the action to the rs2object. Then remake it with the correct case in this example 'lure' needs to be changed to 'Lure' Do the same for net for the shrimps - You will need to make the change in SF
  6. Screenshot of your settings? This sounds like you are using mirror mode with the default reaction of 1000ms set. Change it to 50ms.
  7. A lot of the public/free scripts are not updated after released. However you can check for newer versions or reach out to the author by checking if they post here: https://osbot.org/forum/forum/342-script-factory/ For the fishing issue, this was caused by jagex changing the name in game from "net" to "Net" same with "lure" to "Lure". You just have to fix the case setting in the script restart and you should be good to go.
  8. Yes because im lazy, it would have required more effort to have the bot purchase amulet of magic and equip it. I went with power because then it can use the 1 amulet for all combat skills. Plus the def bonus is nice.
  9. botthestrange - F2P Trade Requirements This script is designed to get past the Skill and Quests requirements for F2P trade restrictions consistently in about 3 hours. All you need to do is get the other 17 hours of play time by afk'ing or botting without getting banned ✔ Gets past the F2P Level & Quest Trade requirements with 1 click ✔ Does tutorial Island ✔ Farms initial gold for quest items ✔ Levels a skill to get the last 3 levels that quest do not get. ✔ When done, will walk to the
  10. Thanks for the report, The issue was identified and will be fixed on the next patch. This was caused by a jagex update where they changed "lure" and "net" to "Lure" and "Net".... 25705, 25706 change 'lure' to 'Lure'
  11. Thanks for the report. Did the script do tut island and then on, or did you start the script after tut island and load it with gold yourself? It looks like it skipped phasezero. I need to update the script description and the forums here. In order for the script to work properly it HAS TO run phasezero at least once to buy all the items. This use to be a dropdown but it took ages to load the script and update it with drop downs. The way to "trick" it into starting phase zero is to simply login to the account, put bread in your inventory, then start the script. Whenever the
  12. botthestrange - StrangeMainMaker (SMM) Progressively & Randomly levels all f2p skills to 50+ (except rc to 44) Will randomly complete quests to get 32qp Supports Tut Island Built in money maker to farm mats for skills Built in first time death handler Built in break handler (Currently disabled) Built in afk timer Built in anti-ban features per skill Will detect and fix all game settings (Zoom, Audio, shift drop, accept aid, disable roofs, set screen size to fixed)
  13. Feel free to report any issues and @ me to assist with fixing as well
  14. Im a monster and just do everything on my own residential IP up to 6 accounts running at a time on the same machine, 50ms mirror mode. Have had recent luck with Undead Druids Orbers Minnows Lavadragons Hunter (red chins) RC (nats or comics via abyss) Use different break timers for all and usually dont run an account more than 4-8 hours a day max. I also try to use different methods all at once, so I dont have like 6 undead druid accounts going at the same time. I have had very bad luck recently with BF Thieving MMF I also use accounts that do
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