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  1. Would like a way to compare an integer to skill levels. This would allow for custom skill level checking using global integers. Example New method to compare INT value to get skill level =>< This could be done using the example below <Integer>%IntName%:10 check: if %IntName% Value >= Skill Level
  2. Please add new checks for chatbot. if chatbot enabled & if chatbot disabled This will prevent the script from running this action from running on every loop and could allow for us to create checks that prevent some actions from happening if chatbot is enabled/disabled.
  3. I will keep an eye on it and see if it happens again with future accounts. I will just chalk it up to an random mirror mode thing then I am not sure what triggered the kick as I came back to the pc to just find the account stuck there. But if you already have a check in place for this im not too worried about it.
  4. Please add a check if bot gets kicked from boat and is placed in the abandoned ship location to walk back up to the fishing trawler area. Not sure if this happened due to an idle issue or it trying to break in the middle of a fishing trip. I am using mirror mode 50ms, the scripts break handler and not osbots.
  5. Small qol request. Please add "If chatbox enabled" & "if chatbox disabled" checks. I only ask because I dont like seeing "enable chatbox" on every cycle of my script show up when its already enabled
  6. Making scripts is so easy with this, even I can do it
  7. You will need to find the methods that are calling the action to the rs2object. Then remake it with the correct case in this example 'lure' needs to be changed to 'Lure' Do the same for net for the shrimps - You will need to make the change in SF
  8. A lot of the public/free scripts are not updated after released. However you can check for newer versions or reach out to the author by checking if they post here: https://osbot.org/forum/forum/342-script-factory/ For the fishing issue, this was caused by jagex changing the name in game from "net" to "Net" same with "lure" to "Lure". You just have to fix the case setting in the script restart and you should be good to go.
  9. Feel free to report any issues and @ me to assist with fixing as well
  10. Im a monster and just do everything on my own residential IP up to 6 accounts running at a time on the same machine, 50ms mirror mode. Have had recent luck with Undead Druids Orbers Minnows Lavadragons Hunter (red chins) RC (nats or comics via abyss) Use different break timers for all and usually dont run an account more than 4-8 hours a day max. I also try to use different methods all at once, so I dont have like 6 undead druid accounts going at the same time. I have had very bad luck recently with BF Thieving MMF I also use accounts that dont look like botted stats and all f2p stats at a random lvl between like 30-50.
  11. Was making a reference to getting banned for harassments & threats.... but you know the jagex filter is on by default makes all naughty words ****s. woosh
  12. Challenge accepted you **** **** ****** *** ********* and ****** your **** ****** hope you ****** * ***** ****
  13. Can also confirm miss clicking issues still occur regularly (mirror mode 50ms). Consistent miss click of dialog widgets (Consistently see this one the Yes. section on accepting a quest or end of tutorial island when you would select yes to travel to the mainland). Also issues regarding items changing not being detected. Example bucket -> bucket of milk not being recognized. Value for Bucket still exists = true, value for bucket of milk = false when inventory contains nothing but a single bucket of milk after milking a cow. World hoping also not working right. It would go to world hop fail to click the world to hop, then scroll to another world fail to click it and just keep going in a loop scrolling through world until I manually intervened.
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