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  1. I think the script is in a fight with the break manager. It keep attacking while manager wants to go for a break. It's going on for like 15 minutes like this. [ERROR][Bot #1][02/23 04:25:05 PM]: [BREAK MANAGER] Failed to log out - Currently Under Attack! [ERROR][Bot #1][02/23 04:25:07 PM]: [BREAK MANAGER] Failed to log out - Currently Under Attack! [ERROR][Bot #1][02/23 04:25:09 PM]: [BREAK MANAGER] Failed to log out - Currently Under Attack! [INFO][Bot #1][02/23 04:25:11 PM]: [AttackNpcEvent] - Attacking Mountain troll [ERROR][Bot #1][02/23 04:25:11 PM]: [BREAK MANAGER] Fa
  2. Hey, could I try a trial please?
  3. You don't have to fill the proxy section in if you are not going to use proxies. Just click mirror or stealth to go ahead.
  4. I'm looking for accounts in bulk with the following stats: 40 att, 40 str and 40 defence. No email. Thanks in advance, Grizlii.
  5. Nevermind. It is using it. My bad!
  6. Dont know if this is asked before, but is it possible to let the bot withdraw a falador teleport tab before starting its tip? or an option so it uses falador teleports tab.
  7. grizlii


    Got 1 account for you, we can talk about the price. Has email registered.
  8. Somehow it does not show me all options, only half when I hover over them. Any idea how I can fix this
  9. I was wondering what simple 70/60/50 accounts with dragon slayer and without dragon slayer go for.
  10. Oh lol. Nah, never use multiple tabs.
  11. Thanks for the response Chris. I will try this out when I have got time. It did run on taps because of safety tele.
  12. Breaks are also not working with the script, just keeps standing when teleported. Not logging out untill auto log out loggs you out
  13. And get banned instantly..? Not one single script kept one of my accounts allive with stealth..
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