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I have been Botting for 1 month, 8 hrs a day. Today I finally got banned. Here is what I learned.


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Alright so here is me giving back to the community and sharing my 2 cents.


I have worked with macros before such as autoclickers and created my own script but my Botting career only started a month ago. 1 year ago I botted on my main with my own script that I created in java, script  drank potions in nightmare zone while flicking health to keep my hp low. That script got me 99 str before I got banned. Script only clicked fixed spot on the screen with +-x and y interval difference.

i made a black jacking script which right clicked the bandit and stunned him and robbed him twice. Script was based on the fixed window. It was a simple bot.


So I started Botting a month ago when I decided I needed a 2k total account. The account I used was created 2 years ago but it was still lvl 6 with all stats 1s.

My friend joined OSRS when mobile came out and created a new account. We started playing together and I used that same nooby account from 2 years and started playing legit on it. I got it to 700 total and decided it’s getting too tedious and I wana bot on it. 

I read this forum for a week before I decided to dive in so I had a good knowledge base. Here is what my theory for not getting caught.


- Constantly switch tasks and don’t look like a bot. Don’t just buy a hunter script a run it for 6 hours a day right when you go to bed. Jagex’s Botting detection picks up pattern. You need to switch it up. To combat this problem I bought 6 scripts which I switched between I’d train hunter for 2 hours, then agility for 3, then combat for 2, all with BREAKS. Then next day I’d start with woodcutting, then thieving and etc.

- I have only bought premium scripts and they have worked well for me. You can combine my tip above with free scripts and see if it works. Maybe it will.

- I have not botted on a brand new account so I can’t give any tips for that. I would say hand train the account and so like 5 quests and get 100 or 150 total level legit before Botting.

- If you are caught Botting and they suspect you are not a gold farmer but just a regular player trying to skip the grind, you will only get a 1 day ban. So keep your account looking legit as possible. Not like those guys with 99 runecrafting and 1 everything else.

- Patterns, Patterns, Patteens. That’s all there is to bot detection. When a bot is caught they take that pattern and compare it to other players. If a player is caught using I.e. khal AIO agility script, now that script is a prototype in bot detection system and the detection system will compare that prototype with rest of the players. Legit players will get away cuz their play style is different then khal AIO agility script but player using the khal AIO agility script will get caught since the bot detection will return true when play style is matched.

- Mirror mode vs injection. If you are caught, you’ll most likely be caught by the detection system and then they will send packets to your client to determine if you are using a Botting client. Mirror mode will help with this since it uses the real client. People say “if they could detect clients then we would be banned instantly” that’s not true. Once you are caught Botting then by the system THEN they check your client. 

- If you are a member and and hour account looks legit and you are not paying for membership with a bond. You are less likely to get a perm ban. Jagex doesn’t want to lose customers

How I got banned:

So I got  mirror mode 6 days ago and things have been going pretty good. But the thing is, it was very slow and laggy. It not only effected my Xp rates, but the bots performance itself. 

So I was mining rocks and I noticed the bot kept clicking on the rock after it was mined because of the slowness and the lag (it didn’t notice rock was empty), resulting in me getting a message “the rock is empty” and it kept doing that for 1-2 hours of the session. I was playing on my main so I didn’t notice but when I saw I quickly switched the task and started a different script.

Next day I logged in and woke up to a 1 day ban. Nothing gives away bot faster then a broken script. I botted for 8 hours daily and this dumb mistake got me caught.


- make sure you bot multiple things and switch up tasks. Someone should make a plug-in where it randomly runs different scripts every 1-2 hours in osbot client.

- make sure account looks legit and is members to reduce the chances of permban

- mirror mode is only worth it when it’s not effecting the bot performance and breaking it





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This seems pretty logical, I hope new botters will take this into account. Botting a single task for hours on end will make you more likely to be detected, its good to switch up the tasks and to play legitimately in between and trying to do quests by hand, checking exp, or just doing things a legit player would do is also important.

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I agree with quite a few things, most don't apply to the only reason i get why someone would bot but thats a different story.
I have a issue with your comments about mirror mode though, jagex have stated in the past (I don't have source sorry it was around when the HD client was goign around) that they can detect the difference between a 3rd party client and the official client but not anything more,  meaning if your using runelite or osbot they can't tell which, and with the % of players that do use a legitimate 3rd party client, and jagex know mirror mode or its competition exist, I am sure they could easilly assuming using the official client is probably more of a flag than using a 3rd party client. 

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@bottingallowed mirror mode has some sort of delay which is set to 1000ms by default, the behavior you are describing is most likely not a broken script but a problem with the mirror mode default settings. I heard from many people that lowering the delay to 50ms will make scripts work with mirror mode, but this is not something that can be changed from a script.

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Yes, mirror mode 1000ms is the delay in which the bot *notices* changes, so if a rock's gone, it will take the client a whole 1000ms to detect that it's gone, I always tell users to lower it for competitive scripts like mining (competing for ore)

As for mirror, I personally feel safer with mirror mode, but I can't prove why, and I've still been banned with mirror client so it's not a magic bullet. 

You forgot to mention if you only botted on a single account, or multiple at the same time?

In any case, interesting read, good luck on future botting ^^ :D 

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