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Discord Unique ID & How to Avoid Imposters


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My Discord is Malcolm#7178, when you go to click on my name you can see it here.


But this # can be changed.


The point of this post is to show people how to get their USER ID, which cannot change.

First of all you need to enable developers mode which you can find by following these steps.

First, you want to click on your Settings.


Once your settings are open you want to go to Appearance.



Once you have this tab open you want to scroll down until you find Developer Mode and you want to turn it on like this.




Now once you have developer mode enabled you should be able to RIGHT CLICK on anybody like this and copy and paste their USER ID so it will appear. This user ID cannot be changed.



Yes, you would still have to add me by entering my name as Malcolm#7178, but this post is really to help avoid imposter scammers.


Safe Trading everybody ! :)

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1 minute ago, LeBron said:

Delet dis pls ur destroying my money making method :kappa:


20 minutes ago, Dbuffed said:

Should be pinned if not already, so many people get scammed by not checking the unique ID's and I get PM's all the time asking if they are talking to me when they are not.

There should be a section for all of the market rules/tutorials so they're all in one spot tbh.

As it is now you have to go to the "Other" section in market to find the AIO Market Guide.

I'd bet good money a lot of people miss that AIO Market Guide.

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and i thought this was an inclusive not esclusive community. i didnt get scammed by an oimposter unless youre allowing imposters on your site. i had been doing business with his orginal discord whochb i added directly from osbot then this happened and im an idiot. get the fuck out of here.

On 3/17/2019 at 11:07 PM, Runnwith said:

"lol" :doge:

checkout above

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