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  1. Juggles left Positive feedback   

    Gave me 40m for help to pay an ad. Thank you very much Malcolm for a fast and trustworthy trade. Hope to do future transactions with you. May your life be blessed and full of wonderful things.

    Malcolm was Trading

  2. toxicPeary left Positive feedback   

    Just bought a real nice voucher from him and he was nice, he was cool, he was not bad. He was a nice person even without a coffee...

    Malcolm was The Seller

  3. Naked left Positive feedback   

    Malcolm was angry. He was frustrated. He had met his match: a bug he couldn't fix. He wasn't as bright as young Naked, master of potato code. Malcolm hounded everyone for hours, searching - begging for a solution to no avail. Naked sat, waiting, as Malcolm descended into madness. Malcolm offered a bounty for the bug, to which Naked accepted. Bitch ass found the answer on GitHub in like 2 minutes get fucked kid thanks for the $20

    Malcolm was The Buyer

  4. N0va left Positive feedback   

    quick and fast voucher ty

    Malcolm was The Seller

  5. N0va left Positive feedback   

    quick and easy seller :)

    Malcolm was The Seller

  6. Lost Panda left Positive feedback   


    Malcolm was The Seller

  7. Panason9c left Positive feedback   

    bought 25usd voucher, A+++

    Malcolm was The Seller

  8. Cuebulon left Positive feedback   

    Was absolutely and utterly astounding in service and speed. Virtually instantly got what was asked for! Will be doing business again!

    Malcolm was The Seller

  9. Zendor left Positive feedback   

    Fast delivery and replys fast to anything i wanted to know 10/10!

    Malcolm was The Seller

  10. Bebe left Positive feedback   

    Fast delivery and replys fast to questions/Messages. 6of5 stars! Defietly worth it

    Malcolm was The Seller

  11. Mio left Positive feedback   

    More graphics, A++ buyer will do business with again !!! A++++

    Malcolm was The Buyer

  12. Mio left Positive feedback   

    Made some stellar killer graphics for, icons and paints, great to work with ez pz A+++ Ebay seller !!would do business with again!!!

    Malcolm was The Buyer

  13. Lost Panda left Positive feedback   

    sold me gepe ty, still hate you

    Malcolm was The Seller

  14. Fake Plant left Positive feedback   

    Super fast and helpful. Bought a script and it works beautifully

    Malcolm was The Seller

  15. Dark Twin left Positive feedback   

    Bought script for 200m fully working great guy

    Malcolm was The Seller

  16. Dark Twin left Positive feedback   

    Bought $10 voucher for rsgp instant delivery! have another feedback soon for my script

    Malcolm was The Seller

  17. Naked left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a steam acc. He kept bragging about his experience with men and tried to grab my dick.

    Malcolm was The Buyer

  18. iTzCitatioN left Positive feedback   

    fast and nice! Thanks again :)

    Malcolm was The Seller

  19. Lost Panda left Positive feedback   

    done him saarveece gad gay

    Malcolm was The Buyer

  20. Marwan44 left Positive feedback   

    boss sold me a voucher really fast <3

    Malcolm was The Seller

  21. Lost Panda left Positive feedback   

    Serviced his slayer test account, tyty :doge:

    Malcolm was The Seller

  22. RSC left Positive feedback   

    Bought large script from Malcom, I went first, no middleman, helped me out afterwards with bugs. Very helpful and polite. Would buy again

    Malcolm was The Seller

  23. Marwan44 left Positive feedback   

    Bought voucher from him, thank you for the help brother!

    Malcolm was The Seller

  24. Dalcenti left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Malcolm's Private Script Shop! [Fast] [Customized] [Reliable] [Competent] [Committed] [Lifetime Maintenance]
    Malcolm made ta private script quickly and to my specifications, Didn't run into any issues even though I felt like what I asked was beyond the price He offered, Would get another script made by him again.

    Malcolm was The Seller

  25. Proton left Positive feedback   

    Bought 100m 07 from us - Thanks for choosing us friend! <3 :) 10/10

    Malcolm was The Buyer

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