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12 minutes ago, Mootopia said:

Here are a couple that most people seem to really enjoy that are quite long

- Detective Conan (case closed)

- One Piece

- Naruto

- Bleach

- Keroro Gunso

- Gintama


A small list that people seem to recommend (yeah yeah, they're all mainstream) 

im up to date on one piece (manga as well) and conan for the rest i've seen lol well except Keroro Gunso going to check out 

11 minutes ago, Dzrsta said:

dbz super all the way lol

super i've watched and it's not that great honestly xD

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10 hours ago, lolpo112 said:

the whole inazuma eleven seasons, and black clover which is airing rn and is on ep 52

black clover anime doesnt do the manga justice im up to date on it :) and i never really got into soccer anime i've seen all of the major series (baseball) diamond no ace + manga and haikyu (volley ball) 

6 hours ago, brayden921 said:

I'm surprised you didn't recommend Hunter x Hunter ?


@niyajuanHave you seen the "Fate" or "Magi" series?

i've seen hxh old one and 2k11 plus reading manga  and yes i've seen/ read/ completed magi and fate series :) 

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