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Project OSRS (Fishing/Mining/Woodcutting)

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Script has been approved for release and should be out soon! Only ~ 20 slots for about a month or two for Alek to get feedback, then it will be open for unlimited amount of purchases! Keep an eye out on the store! No ETA as of now, but will hopefully be soon! :) Thanks Alek and the Rest Of the admins and devs for making this possible! 

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50 minutes ago, EzWin said:

Can I hear more about the antiban measures incorporated or receive a trial?


8 minutes ago, Blazebot said:

You won’t get a trial, but everyone’s profile is randomised and continues to get randomised :)


Sorry but scripters aren't allowed to advertise antiban as I find this to be scamming. Please consider a different botting community where this is allowed.

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5 minutes ago, Zeplitor said:

I'm just curious what your plans are for future updates on this script.

I'm tempted to try this script out on a new account and see for how long I can progress whilst using the script. 

Will this script be exclusive to WC, Fishing, and Mining?

Yes, it is just going to support 3 skills. I do have more plans for the script as far as feature wise, but as far as adding more skills, I am simply not allowed. 

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