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Project OSRS (Fishing/Mining/Woodcutting)

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Version 0.1 has been pushed!



Project RuneScape v0.1:



  • Progressive mode now only buys items it needs
  • Fixed the bot trying to equip any manual selected tool
  • Fixed a fishing problem that would sometimes hover spots
  • Added Dwarven Mine bank
  • Stopped the bot from dropping Unidentified minerals
  • Sped up banking
  • Wrote new banking handlers
  • Added new fishing locations 
  • Added version number to paint
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Version 0.2 has been pushed!



Project RuneScape v0.2:


  • Rewrote the walking system based on regions
  • Made the GUI a fixed sized
  • Added new banks
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Hey man, great script:)

I've got some accounts doing some mining and fishing. One thing I have noticed is that the drop pattern for powermining/powerfishing feels a bit bot-like (same pattern, no randomization) I have no idea how to code, but I would suggest throwing in a few more patterns to avoid any detection. Maybe some random misclicks or leave a random ore in the inventory from time to time?

I think this would help a lot in terms of anti-ban and the xp sacrifice would be minimal. After baby sitting this for a few hours that's my only concern so far! Looking forward to posting some proggies soon

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