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  1. Bought an animated avatar from @Pase Fast and was willing to fix small errors I had found. Do recommend his services!
  2. Hey @Czar, Been testing this script with Rune Dragons as well. I could things I have found out is when I restart the script, the pathing to the Rune Dragons seems to mess up. An example would be if I start at the Rune dragon pit, teleport to bank after successful trip, script crash, turn back on. Once I turn it back on, it teleports to Lithkren but has a very hard time going down the stairs (this isn't always true, I haven't figured out why it won't go down the stairs but when that happens the script tends to activate antifire and turn on quick pray so it must think its in the rune dragon pit perhaps?). Then it will attempt to click on one of the two barriers later on after going through the doors. Which can turn out to be the Adamant Dragon barrier. If I go through the Adamant Dragon barrier then my character is stuck and continues to take damage until i die or find a reason to teleport out.
  3. Hey @Token, will this script be free to anyone who owned the previous Birdhouse script? Also could I get an auth?
  4. imagine being banned for a bot that organizes your bank. lmao
  5. I believe there may be an issue regarding loading multiple profiles. I have one profile set up for Allotments and another for Tree runs. I'm unable to highlight multiple profiles and even if i could, i think the Load Profiles button is broken. It doesn't give an error regarding not being able to load or confirmation that it works. EDIT: I also realized that the script loves to walk everywhere. Even with Teletabs. I have the Catherby, Ardougne, and Falador patches selected for Allotments. I will have all the teletabs for each location in my inventory. But from the Falador farming area, my character will walk to Catherby from there and die at the White Wolf Mountain. Luckily I was babysitting the bot because it is programmed to withdraw my entire cash stack.
  6. Could a featured be added to drop harvested allotments? I'm currently using the script to farm early level crops and I don't need sweetcorn at all. The reason for this request is currently i have 27 of 28 inventory slots of items for my farm run. The script goes to harvest sweetcorn, gets 1, then goes to the leprechaun to note it. The script gets confused as to what to do at this moment, now that i have 28 of 28 inv slots full.
  7. Hey @ProjectPact Do you think you could add this very small feature to the script. Much like normal coding, people tend to leave comments in their code to remind them what this bit is doing. Do you think you could add a way to make comments?
  8. Hey @Tom, I'm enjoying the script! There are just a few things I would like to suggest to help improve the script. I am using Mirror Mode FYI. 1. Prevent scrolling through the World list when a PKer is found. I'm a low level in 38 wilderness. Its not often that a PKer comes after me. But when they do, a few times I've noticed that the script will scroll randomly through the world list. While its doing that, the PKer is just now noticing me and has clicked attack. Now I just have to hope that the script decides on a world and selects it before the damage actually hits me. 2. Teleblock Sometimes you can become teleblocked and still get the world hop off. When this happens, you will be in a new world and the script will try to teleport to bandits continuously. This will only end when another pker comes to kill you or the teleblock ends. 3. Fast Mode Its a great idea, but it doesn't really do much. Fast Mode, even on 50ms Mirror Mode, right clicks > use > altar in the same exact speed as if you were to just do it one time and let the game auto sacrifice bones.
  9. Hello @Czar, Would it be possible to add support for the "Amulet of Chemistry". Wearing this amulet while finishing a potion gives you a 1/20 chance to create (4) dose potion rather than a (3). https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Amulet_of_chemistry It is only worth while doing if you are using the script as a money maker. I believe all you'd have to do to make this work with the script is add a check to see if the amulet is equipped or not before banking, it would then equip the amulet then go back to creating potions.
  10. Hello @Czar, Jagex will soon be releasing another update that will effect how we can use Superglass Make from the Lunar spellbook. Here is an image of the update: It might be a good idea to add the option to use the Sandstone items in place of buckets of sand, as it might be a more liable way to craft Molten Glass. The 10kg Sandstone chunk is about 18 buckets of sand in one item. So an inventory would look like Astral Runes, 3x Giant Seaweed, 1x 10kg Sandstone or Astral Runes, 18x Seaweed, x1 10kg Sandstone. Would it be possible to add this option? Also I just wanted to ask if you found a solution to fixing the Giant Seaweed option for Superglass make yet? It still seems to try and withdraw x13 Giant seaweed instead of x3. Thanks Czar!
  11. You need to disable magic filters.
  12. can i have a trial please
  13. Seems like it, normally my accounts are lasting about 30-40 hours straight but right now i've had some going for about 80 with no breaks lol
  14. Doesn't work in shops that are upstairs in gnome stronghold, goes downstairs and stands under where the npc would be upstairs =/
  15. Hello @Czar, I saw you added Giant Seaweed to the script. Wanted to say thanks, although it seems to working incorrectly. Selecting Giant Seaweed still tries to withdrawn x13 Giant Seaweed and x13 Buckets of Sand. Since casting SuperGlass Make with an inventory like this will leave access Sand and seaweed in your inventory, the script will attempt to cast SuperGlass Make repetitively, making the Giant Seaweed method unusable. Here are some Gyazo GIFs I created to help demonstrate what is happening. 1. https://gyazo.com/247ba85ff62b765f17d854cc0ba3c631 2. https://gyazo.com/eb3d26fffc2a2a521cc8591867d49c1c At the end of the #2, i paused the script to show what the inventory looks like. In actuality, it just sits and spams SuperGlass Make. EDIT: If you need an account to use for testing, let me know.
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