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gold prices mooning & Bogla robots(?)

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A few weeks ago when I checked Bogla gold prices they were selling 1m @ $0.79 or something like that.

When I went back the other day to check, it had gone up to $0.83

and when I checked the prices today, to my surprise it had gone up to $0.88!

I tried asking the chat support about the sudden increase but didn't get fully satisfied with the answer. ?






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RIP account creators, they have to find new methods. This is what's going on.. no one selling accounts anymore because mass bans = less bots. Higher GP price. I looked for a tutorial account seller for 2 weeks and found no one. I finally found a way to create accounts myself. Hopefully it lasts.

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5 minutes ago, John Cena said:

They just manipulate their clientbase, It's very obvious. Not to mention they get gold cheaper than they offer anyway from the bulk buys, they on like 30%+ profit. For what?

still though, if they sell at .88 it means black market gold sellers can now up their prices to .85 ish :)

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13 minutes ago, AsBakedAsCake said:

Now if only we could get everyone to hold their gold for a month.. lol.

lol yeah, would be dope ?


28 minutes ago, irmagical189 said:

Food4RS was like .79/m a week ago and is currently .94/m lol. I am assuming the prices tanked because Jagex removed, what, 3 trillion gold I think they said that was considered real world traded? Everyone was scared to buy gold. 

hopefully Jagex implements legit gold sinks instead of resorting to banning people with gold, lol

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