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  1. If you don't want to get banned, don't bot at all. It's really just that simple. No amount of botting is safe on an account that you don't want to lose.
  2. I speak from years of experience, that's what I'm talking about. I highly doubt you've actually created thousands of accounts on a single IP in a short time and received no locks or bans, lol. Don't encourage people to do that, it's just stupid.
  3. If you use rotating proxies for creation you'll find a much greater success rate. (1-2 accounts per IP, making more than this on a single IP in 24 hrs may result in locks) Data center IPs are fine for running your gold farm, but if you use them for the initial creation of the account you'll experience locks, bans, etc. If the account was created on a US proxy, make sure you bot on a US proxy (creating on a US proxy and botting on a UK proxy will result in lock.)
  4. What is the point of botting if you're going to babysit it? Either way, you can/will still get banned while babysitting it.
  5. You'd have to compile the code into a jar using an IDE. Check the tutorial section or you could even try youtube.
  6. How often do you plan on botting? You really won't want to be doing any 24/7 botting with a laptop. 3-4 hours is fine with a laptop, but when you start botting on it 24/7 it will cause problems.
  7. You don't want a laptop for bots. Buying a desktop will be MUCH cheaper and you'll be able to get better parts. You can easily get something that will run 20ish bots for around $600-$700. You could probably even go cheaper than that.
  8. If your goal is to achieve 94 mage without ban - splashing is the way to do it. Least click intensive is the way to go. I haven't heard too many success stories about agility though, super high ban rate. Would probably try barbarian fishing instead, but it would take quite some time.
  9. I think this is just the OSRS servers again. I've been having the same issues. Are you world hopping at all?
  10. For the most part - antiban is FAKE. Just a term scripters use to sell scripts. Most scripters claiming "antiban" don't actually have it implemented in their script at all. Also.. botting is just as bannable on Tuesday as it is on Monday. When you break in game rules - it does not matter what day of the week it is. Rule breaking is rule breaking. Better luck next time!
  11. I've already offered this service on other forums, however I wouldn't be able to do it for less than 1m/account. Is this out of your budget? I am charging this price due to that 20 hour log in requirement.
  12. Your account is as good as gone.. Part of botting is getting banned. You most likely won't get this account back. Learn from your mistakes and don't bot an account you care about again. Also, I've never received a temp ban - gold farming or not. I think 2 day bans are pretty rare.
  13. I've gotten a few mule bans, but very few and far between. It could be the place that you're selling gold. In the past I've been banned immediately after dealing with certain gold sites. Also - don't mule your items at the same location you're botting. Try muling at a populated area like at the GE (make sure your mule sits on a stack of players). Like said above: Don't bot your mule.
  14. I mean if you're doing 7 day memberships hmu on discord: AsBakedAsCake#3127 Would like some applied to my accounts if you can do it, depending on price.
  15. It doesn't matter if they send the money first or not, they have up to 120 days to charge back if they wish to do so. A middleman can't prevent a charge back on PayPal, that is entirely out of their hands.
  16. You can still get charge backs with that too. The only safe way to sell gold is to use crypto or sell to a trusted, well known buyer/website. Edit: Even then, people scam quit - but it's not very common. I've never had anyone scam quit on me, but I've heard of it happening.
  17. If you don't know the method, people are selling 7 day trials for 1.5m-2m each. Don't know if there are any sellers here on osbot though.
  18. Yeah, it sounds like a delayed ban from the 4th-7th when you were botting. Unlucky, better luck next time!
  19. The fact is that OSRS gold will continue to slowly decrease in price until it is no longer profitable for small-scale gold farmers. I believe the biggest factor is that people have been selling 7 day trial memberships due to OSRS mobile. All users have to do is purchase gmail accounts in bulk, some virtual credit cards, and they can get unlimited (NEARLY FREE) OSRS membership. This has been going on for a long time, I even started purchasing these accounts months ago myself as they're only about 1.5-2m each rather than paying 4-5m for a bond. If the 7 day trials can be completely removed - we could see a slight increase in gold prices, but until then - I see them decreasing fairly steadily.
  20. Got arrested smoking with my "friend" in a church parking lot, lol. I didn't have any weed on me, but I just got my friend the bag. (This was years ago, when I was like 15, 23 now lol) Cops roll up as were smoking, caught red handed. Cop searches me and finds nothing, searches my friend and finds a few grams. Next thing ya know were both handcuffed in the back this bald cops car and he asks my "friend" where he got the weed. My "friend" literally looks right at me, looks back at the cop, looks back at me again, and he says I GOT IT FROM HIM. Needless to say I could not believe my boy just snitched on me lol, (right in front of my face - handcuffed next to me, in the same cop car). Either way, I was so high that I laughed the whole way to the police station. My "friend" cried, lol. Got handcuffed and shackled to a chair in the police station for about 2 hours while being interrogated before they let me go on my way. They also stole my cell phone and never gave it back, lmao. Lucky I was a minor at the time, got off with a slap on the wrist xD
  21. Not possible. Sounds like botting is not for you. Stick to playing legit.
  22. I got a few bans at the same time as both of you on another platform. Seems like Jagex is having a field day
  23. Long term it's not going to be good to run 10 client on a laptop, especially if you plan on running that many 24/7. You should either stick with a desktop or use a server.
  24. This has happened to me as well in the past. Usually it's due to someone stealing your spot/method or some big youtuber making a video on the method. Solution: Find a new method
  25. It is technically illegal. However.. if Jagex were to take any legal action, they would be going after the entire platform, not individual scripters. Virtually no risk.
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