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soo i guess its broken


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So i used to use runeloader, havent been able to get on it for a little while now. Tried checking their twitter seen nothing and went to there website and its like down kinda (forums down and home doesnt do anything). So im guessing its not coming back. Started useing konduit its okay i like it better then osbuddy. What client do you guys use to pk/play on. Not bot on lul. Thans]ks

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15 minutes ago, RDM said:


I think they might be confusing the Runelite client with Runeloader? Open source means everyone can see the client source code, so if something is dodgy, people will see it since it's public, only scenario I can think of is if they got the executable file from a dodgy source and not compiled it themselves/got it from the official website.

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