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Script Tester [ Progress Reports ] UPDATED OFTEN

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I made this thread to post progress reports on scripts I have used and take requests/trials of suicide botting etc.

I will name the script I used and post a picture. I will try to do this as often as I can and if you want me to post a progress report on one of your scripts just PM me before you want to give me a 24 hour free trial so i can maximize efficiency. Most scripts I have used here have been either on a main/pure/scratch accounts.


Disclaimer: In no way am i trying to bash on your script these are just my experiences with it.



Frosty Barrows progress report 1 from my main. 

Result: ended up getting banned after botting roughly 6 hours over the course of two days with 30 min breaks every 2 hours. In the scripts defense my IP was flagged and at the time taken of this progress report i did not use a proxy. 



Fruity NMZ

My personal favorite have botted 1-90 str on an account i made from scratch straight from tut island after getting 60 attack and 60 str from Czar's perfect fighter.





Forum's Posts Progress Reports template:

Hours Botted:





If you post above using that template i will add it to a whole new section in this thread. But i will keep this thread alive for as long as I bot.



Feel free to hit that follow and like button on the thread to stay informed!

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