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Hey, i am recently joining this site after a long time away from this community, if you guy would like me to introduce my self to more detail, i can always edit the post and keep it going. If you guys would like to see my progressions i will post a Gyazo of both my legit accounts and you can join me throughout the progression.

Excited to make friends here!

Obby Mauler : https://gyazo.com/a3518921ec7328543c9f7dadc13274bb // Grinding out 90STR whilst i make money that can fund items for me to use

Skiller : https://gyazo.com/c56b52777e39ab5b748692b1811b1b76 // Working for Base 70's Whilst i find a money making method.

Gladly take any suggestions on how to improve the accounts! im looking for money making methods and all that good stuff since i  only returned recently and i return with very minimal cash.

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