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magma mutagen

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Hey guys, i got a zulrah acc that is 80+80+ magic/range 60 prayer, reg etc done etc etc

I just recently found a magma mutagen on my 95 zulrah run, the item is super rare dye for serp helmet ( i think 1/13000 drop rate from zulrah kill ). What would you guys figure the magma mutagen to be worth ( lets say if zulrah acc is worth 80-90 mil how much would the mutagen be worth as well)

or do you guys think nobody would really be interested in the mutagen? its crazy hard to get one..

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3 minutes ago, GPSwap said:

most people who buy zulrah ready accs is for botting not playing so mutagen is literally worthless unless selling a really good main someone wants as a main, also each mutagen is 1/6336 droprate so its 1/3168 for either mutagen

no its 1/6336 for either mutagen, 1/13k for a specific one.

Yea eitherway thanks guys. I assumed as much.

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It doesn't matter about the rarity of the item, it's untradeable and serves no use as it's the equivalent to the Serp Helm anyway... It'd be a different story for instance you got a DFH from Mithril Dragons, for the obvious reasons it's tradeable and has value to it.

All a mutagen does is recolor the helm, and personally I'm not one of those simpletons who thinks cosmetically appealing = better.

Fire Capes, imbued items, Culinaromancer Gloves, Defenders, those are what would increase the price of a account

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