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New to this, starting a zulrah bot


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I've botted before to get stats up to play the game and make account builds, but I'm now more interested in botting to make irl money. I have a 99 range/mage 75 def 74 prayer account that I want to start botting zulrah on. Few questions:

Would I be better off selling the account for a significant amount of money (I can go through an official gold seller) and buying some basic ones to kill zulrah with?

I have a VPN (nordVPN to be precise), is there anything else I should look into buying to avoid detection?

People talk about Mirror Mode and VPS - should I look into either of these things and why?




Edit: accuracy of account stats/grammar

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if you are using the free version of the VPN I would recommend buying a private proxy IP instead. only get VPS if you plan on botting many accs and don't want to do so on your own PC. maybe start botting something with low requirements first to get a hang of it, zulrah botting has somewhat high reqs/cost. if you start getting bans before turning profit you will get demoralized and quit. Good luck though!

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