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  1. Slicer

    Rare rsn

    zeslicer#2700 , only contact me if you have serious funds
  2. Bobs and Vegene or ban!

  3. Sekret method my friend slicers bank organizer 10/10
  4. I can afford to eat something else than ramen atleast twice a month now. 10/10 can recommend
  5. very much so depends per account and who the o.o is , couple hundo mil prob
  6. Doesnt look like its working
  7. His guide's just a basic all in 1 for someone thats new to botting and doesnt want to bother with finding all info in multiple places himself , therefore 8$ is a pretty realistic amount and i doubt u can expect a lot from 8$ anyway. show some respect and don't go and leak the mans guide.
  8. I know l0l guy who made it dedzo made 3 reds but idm its a signature move! cheating all the way pull that extra ace out of the sleeve
  9. Slicer


    if he's suspended it doesnt seem so safe huh ? lmao
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